Javelin’s toolroom is a real centre of excellence, staffed by an experienced team of experts working to the highest standards of quality. This allows Javelin to make, modify, repair and refurbish tools in house.

We also offer a full expert project management service from tool design to delivery or externally manufactured tools – whether produced in the UK or overseas.

The proximity of Javelin’s in-house toolroom to production, and close interdepartmental liaison, results in minimal tool response time. The company’s culture is very much focused on short lead-times and quality of service when it comes to modifications, servicing and repairs.

Javelin’s toolroom has a comprehensive range of equipment, and is staffed by experienced engineers. This means the most complex of modifications to complete new tools can be manufactured in-house.

How can we help?

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Toolroom Equipment

Milling Machines

  • 1 Hurco VM1 CNC mill
  • 1 Huron MU5
  • 1 Hurco CNC
  • 1 Hurco turret mill
  • 3 Bridgeport turret mill

Wire Eroders

  • 2 Charmilles Robofil 190

Spark Eroders

  • 1 Charmilles
  • Roboform 30
  • 4 Hurco 425 EDM

Ancillary Equipment

  • Ultrasound Cleaner


  • 1 Ajax pedestal grinder
  • 1 Okamoto 84DX
  • 1 Jones & Shipman¬†cylindrical
  • 4 Jones & Shipman¬†surface
  • 1Excel bandsaw
  • 1 PBS 250V bandsaw
  • 1 Archdale radial drill



  • YYZ CNC Proturn SLX 355
  • 1 Warco 1327 GHA
  • 1 Colchester
  • Mascot 1600