Project Zeus


Mention sustainable manufacturing and the chances are that environmental issues, carbon footprints and sourcing of raw materials spring to mind. However there is more to sustainability than this, particularly when considered from a waste and efficiency perspective. Sustainability must primarily be financial sustainability. To achieve this every area of our business must be focused on improvement.

With this in mind Javelin launched project Zeus in 2015 which encompasses all areas of the business. This started with providing a clear strategy for the business, including key financial targets which have been shared with everyone within the business.

Year one of our five year plan (Project Zeus) is focused on reducing waste and cost within the business. This is coupled with a drive to develop the right type of new sales / growth opportunities. These key activities will play an important part in helping to ensure Javelin’s™ top and bottom-lines gather pace in the direct of our five year target.

As year one starts to draw to a close, it is quite easy to see the progress being made with over 200k of waste reduction and cost savings being achieved. This is combined with over 1.5m worth of new sales being secured, helping to push our business forward . Everyone within Javelin and more importantly our customers are benefiting from this, as it means Javelin remain competitive in a very sustainable way.

Year two will involve directing the focus and energy into key areas which will include Quality and Customer Service. Everyone within Javelin will continue to be encouraged to play their part and be reminded it’s™ the important BITS which make a difference.