The Plan continues.

Following some sterling work from  our Technical and Warehouse teams we have created the space in which our additional machinery will  be installed. Following the relocation of our Assembly, Printing and Welding departments to a purpose built Finishing area within the factory, our Technical team decommissioned,  moved  and recommissioned 34 injection moulding machines over 1 weekend. The machines were switched off on a Friday evening and were back and running come Monday morning. This is testament to the meticulous planning and sheer hard work that went in to this project.

With these machines moved, the way has been cleared for the incoming machines to arrive. Into the yard on Monday morning came the first of the heavy duty vac forming machines,  transported to Camberley by a specialist machine mover. They were offloaded by crane and manoeuvred in to the factory to their new location. Over the next 3 weeks,  we have 4 more arrivals!


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