Earlier this year Javelin were approached by a client in the diabetic support industry, the patent holder to a simple but effective electronic aide memoir to insulin dependent diabetics, reminding them when to next take their vital medication.

The project encompassed injection moulding, pad printing, ultrasonic welding, assembly and full point of sale packaging.

The client was, at the time of enquiry, manufacturing outside the UK and encountering many of the manufacturing flexibility & logistic issues that often beset such arms length projects.

Following a number of discussions and site visits Javelin began by constructing a dedicated white room manufacturing cell within the company’s existing assembly area and investing in several pieces of technology to ensure a rapid & reliable assembly process.

Furthermore, to support the clients export drive Javelin have also enhanced the company’s existing ISO 9001 quality management processes with the addition of ISO 13485 for medical device manufacture.

The client moved the tools over from Eastern Europe to Javelins in-house tool room for a full health check before product trials took place in the various required processing areas. All tools are now running for the four versions of product. The client has been able to make cost savings and efficiency saving by re-shoring his product to the UK.

Javelin Plastics is thrilled with being asked to be part of this exciting project and looks forward to supporting the client though their ambitious global export drive, with UK manufactured product reaching the four corners of the globe.

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