Earlier this year Javelin were approached by a client in the diabetic support industry, the patent holder to a simple but effective electronic aide memoir™ to insulin dependent diabetics, reminding them to when they last took their vital medication.

The project required a number of skill-sets that Javelin utilise on a daily basis, but are an enhancement to the pure injection moulding process for which the company is well known, such as pad printing, ultrasonic welding and full box-build™ assembly.

The client was, at the time of enquiry, manufacturing outside the UK and encountering many of the manufacturing flexibility & logistic issues that often beset such arms length projects.

Following a number of discussions and site visits Javelin began by constructing a dedicated whiteroom™ manufacturing cell within the company’s™ existing assembly area and investing in several pieces of technology to ensure a rapid & reliable assembly process.

Furthermore, to support the clients export drive Javelin have also enhanced the company’s™ existing ISO 9001 quality management processes with the addition of ISO 13485 for medical device manufacture.

The client moved the tools over from Eastern Europe to Javelins in-house tool room for a full health check™ before product trials took place on the factory floor. All tools are now running for the four versions of product. The client has been able to make cost savings and efficiency saving by re-shoring his product to the UK.

Javelin are thrilled with being asked to be part of this exciting project and looks forward to supporting the client though their ambitious global export drive, with UK manufactured product reaching the four corners of the globe.


Project Zeus


Secure Box for use on the beach or poolside

Javelin were approached in 2014 by a client, the rights owner to an innovative security product, who had become dissatisfied by the level of support they were receiving from their existing manufacturing partner.

The process began on the telephone and progressed through a number of channels including e-mail & Skype as the client is frequently on overseas sales trips. A site visit was the culmination of this communication channel where Javelin were able to demonstrate not only Javelins injection moulding capabilities but also assembly facilities and logistics support.

Naturally cost played a part in the process and the client was satisfied that Javelin not only could provide the manufacturing and logistics support necessary – but would offer a saving into the bargain!

Moving mould tools from one company to another is always a delicate matter and Javelin were able to provide a discrete and secure uplift of, not only the clients moulds, but also jigs and test equipment along with a degree of finished stock and incidental bought-in™ items crucial to the future manufacturing requirements.

Upon arrival the mould tools were inspected in Javelins in-house tool-room and thereafter trialled in readiness for production. The previously manufactured stock and sundry items were placed in the company’s™ 1000+ space warehouse for subsequent shipment at a later date, whilst in parallel, as with all turnkey projects, the assembly team are fully briefed on the project build™ to ensure the right parts in the right place in the right order.

The end result, a happy customer with a strong manufacturing partner taking stress out of their lives.

Project Zeus



Rescued from the flames

Following a catastrophic fire at a companion supplier, one of Javelins longest standing clients asked the company to take on a number of projects to maintain continuity in its supply chain.

One mould tool in particular arrived at Javelin and upon inspection, and subsequent trial, it was quite obvious that the tool and therefore its moulded component had suffered a great deal of surface damage due to the heat generated by the fire were in need of considerable refurbishment.

Javelin undertook the project and promptly returned the tool to, almost, its former glory producing a commercially viable component saving the client’s™ in what could easily have been the cost of a new replacement mould tool and the timeline such a step would impose.

The mould tool is now fully serviceable and in operation at Javelin supplying the client with this key component whenever required.