Adding Value

A key focus at Javelin is to add value, by assembling parts as well as moulding and printing.


Javelin has a 10,000 sqft assembly area which operates 24/7. Our experienced team of finishers can do anything from fitting inserts to fully assembling and packaging products ready to be delivered straight to your customers™ door.


Within the assembly area there is a white room for those jobs which need to be handled within a dust free environment.


Javelins™ range of pad printers incorporate the latest in pad printing technology, using high speed servo control movement for precision programmable printing. A bank of pads, six independent print plates with choice of ink cup sizes and auto pad cleaning, allows printing while other work such as sub assembly is carried out by the operator. With job memory and fast change from product to product features downtime is reduced, ensuring competitive prices are achieved for those parts requiring multiple print areas/colours.



Ultrasonic welding is something Javelin has been doing for the past 20 years. This knowledge and experience can be used to develop the best solution ensuring customers™ specific requirements are met, regardless of how big or small the project may be.